Branding by Definition

Published in Branding on Feb 21, 2018 by Tim Marner™

Silver Lining

2 creative women. Both working for other people and answering to everyone but themselves. "We want to target real women with saucy and edgy jewellery designs to match their personalities". 

"Sweet. Let's do this".

See our passion lies with people whose main reason for starting their brand isn't to make a shed load of money in a short space of time, yes it's going to be a nice by-product eventually but the main driving force behind anybody's business should be their passion, hunger and determination to make their dream a reality. To build something that lasts, a legacy, a reputation.

Somewhere along the line an image has been painted of the only people that wear beautiful handcrafted silver jewellery are prim and proper ladies that always watch their P's and sit cross legged at the table with a choice of 8 spoons. Wrong my pretties.

B is for Branding

Working from the ground up, we branded, then photographed, then designed and built a fully bespoke e commerce website and loaded it with enough solid silver to make a werewolf nervous. Each piece of jewellery produced by Brasika is individually made by a silver smith, yes my friend this Brasika bling is custom. Not only does that make every piece unique, it means that they really do have something to suit any outfit or occasion. It's that good you can wear it with nothing at all, don’t pretend like you didn't already know that, naturally this brand needed us.

All in the Definition

For us at Tim Marner there's nothing better than seeing our hard work pay off and the client loving the branding, but when it makes it to the front cover of a magazine, well that just takes the double chocolate biscuit. That's exactly what happened and our shot made it to the cover of Lancashire Life, see it does pay off to think outside the jewellery box and switch things up a little bit. The end result? A brand full of sass and edge that reaches out to you real women, remember not every one is straight cut that wears silver. Let your branding define what you want your business to be.

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