3-D Printed Garments Are Aimed At A Water Filled Future

Published in Design Inspiration on Aug 14, 2018 by Tim Marner™

With the sea level rising all across the planet we’re looking for solutions to help people adapt. One person who might have come up with an answer is Jun Kamei, a material scientist and designer has created Amphibio. Amphibio is a 3-D printed amphibious garment designed for water wear.

Kamei studied aquatic insects to help come up with the design. Various insects use a thing layer of air trapped across their carapace, a super hydrophobic surface that operates as a gas exchanging gill. Using this knowledge as a base, Kamei developed a special porous hydrophobic material engineered to allow underwater breathing by extracting oxygen from the surrounding water whilst also removing C02 in return. The folds in the material and breastplates are designed to increase surface area to allow more gas exchange to take place.

Great stuff, but don’t go throwing your snorkels away just yet. Amphibio can’t actually produce enough oxygen to fully support underwater breathing…just yet. As it stands Amphibio would need 32m2 of surface area to provide enough oxygen for it’s wearer.

That being said it’s not hard to imagine with further optimisation of materials Amphibio could one day allow swimmers and fivers an extra means of staying underwater for longer.

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