Conceptual New Typeface Which Responds to Sound

Published in Design Inspiration on Feb 20, 2018 by Tim Marner™

Danish design agency Kontrapunkt & Nippon Design Centre have created a conceptual typeface for the techies over at Goertek which listens and responds to ambient sound.

The typeface aptly named Sonic, features through Goerteks Chinese research and development hub out in Qingdao. The new typeface is used for way finding and digital signage throughout the building. Goertek is a tech company which specialises in acoustic components amongst other things. 

The typeface echoes electronic oscillators, with bars altering as different frequencies and vibrations are picked up by signs and the typeface then responds. The R&D centre is ground-breaking and paving the way with Goertek’s ambition is to have one of the world’s leading R&D bases that houses both relaxing and working areas for employees. From the bustling Goertek Street with cinemas and cafes to the discreet VIP entrance, the signs and typeface adapt to the surrounding elements by using Opentype technologies.

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