Drone Photography Reveals The Gulf Between Rich & Poor Around The World

Published in Design Inspiration on Aug 15, 2018 by Tim Marner™

Drone photography has become a recent fad, whether or not it’ll last remains to be seen.

However, it does offer a different perspective of the world and places which you walk past on a day to day basis. Nothing highlights this like the images from photographer by Johnny Miller, in a world where the gulf between rich and poor is getting bigger and bigger, aerial photography really gives a different insight to the problem and the discrepancies in how people live which are hard to see from the ground are shown in all their shameful glory.

Johnny Millers series “Unequal Scenes” is a worldwide showcase of rich on poor housing and inequality. The drone overcomes architectural, physical and natural barriers in major metropolises across different continents. You can view the full project here https://unequalscenes.com

mexico city

papwa sewgolum golf course: a sprawling informal settlement exists just meters from the tee for the 6 hole

mexico city: a gated housing estate in the ixtapalapa neighborhood sits next to a low-income area

mumbai: the area surrounding the bandra kurla complex is a mixture of extreme wealth and extreme poverty

vukuzenzele/sweet home: the visual difference between the two is stark

durban metro: the rich find themselves at the top not just financially, but geographically

nairobi: upwardly mobile kenyans live in planned, gated communities, which sometimes abut slum communities

USA: traffic on I-880 in oakland, CA inches past a homeless encampment

tanzania: vast growth led to sprawling informal areas that spider outward from the city centre

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