MARSHA, 3D-Printed Vertical Martian Habitat, I’ll Take Three.

Published in Design Inspiration on Aug 15, 2018 by Tim Marner™

3D-Printed Habitat Challenge

NASA have been running a competition for 3-D printed martian habitats for the last 3 years. Phase 1 started back in 2015, roll on 3 years and phase 3 has just been completed and a winner announced. Unforunately, the first placed entry was ugly as sin, the same can’t be said for second placed entry MARSHA (MARS HAbitat). Created by New York based architecture and technology company AI spaceFactory. We don’t really care about or understand gravity, wind, atmospheric pressure, structural stresses on Mars. So, we’re probably not qualified to say whether or not NASA were right in their judgement. It could just that the folks at NASA are just blind, who knows. One thing that we can be sure on though is as far as martian homes go we’d take one of these.

If you are a boffin and want to find out more about the science you can go check the project page or actually see the competition and other entries on NASA website


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