Who Designed Queens Logo?

Published in Design Inspiration on Dec 12, 2018 by Tim Marner™

It's a Kind of Magic

Perhaps one of the most recognisable band logos of the modern era for perhaps one of the biggest bands of the modern era. Queen’s logo has been incorporate rated into their image since their very  first album and is almost as recognisable as Freddie’s yellow jacket and handlebar moustache. 

Designed shortly before the release of the bands first studio album in 1973, the logo was actually designed by Freddie himself with each part of the logo nodding to a different member of the band. Utilising zodiac symbols as a reference to each member of the band. Two lions for Leo’s John Deacon and Roger Taylor. A crab for cancer and Brian May, whilst the two fairies are for virgo and Freddie Mercury. We’re not sure why Freddie got two symbols or why he used a fairy, Virgo is 1/3 zodiac signs without an animal and is usually associated with a young maiden.   

Both the lions accompany a stylised Q in which a crown sits. Whilst the whole logo is contained and over shadowed by a large phoenix. The logo is meant to emulate the royal coat of arms for the United Kingdom, this is emphasised by the way the lions sit on either side of the Q.

The original logo, as found on the reverse-side of the first album cover, was a simple line drawing but more intricate colour versions were used on later album covers. 

Who Wants to Live Forever?

So, like we always say if you want a logo that is going to last the test of time you’ll need a bit of depth.

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